5 Unspoken Ways for Clients to Keep Their Agency Inspired and Motivated

Keeping an agency might be as easy as making sure they’re paid on time and paid well but setting up an environment where they’re inspired and motivated to deliver exceptional creative work is another thing. The obvious tips on how to do this is to give clear briefs, allow them to experience the brand, faster response time, unrealistic budgets, and all of those usual stuff you hear in industry events. For this post we’ll dig a little deeper and unearth the unspoken ways for clients to keep their agencies happy and inspired.

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1. Don’t be a Frustrated Artist and Let the Agency do Their Job


A lot of Brand and Marketing Managers are “frustrated creatives” and it usually comes out when they try to dictate on the minor executional details of the copy and the design of the material. Instead of letting the agency do their job some clients micro-manage and go as far as writing the copy themselves or mandating the actual big idea.

If you’re going to give feedback and builds, clearly state what the objective is and your initial thoughts. After that listen to what they agency says, respond if necessary, and then let them do their revisions and let them come back to you.

2. Stop Hitting on the AE


I don’t need to elaborate. The point is to keep things professional so there’s no awkwardness.

3. A Simple “Thank You, Good Job” Goes a Long Way


Hearing “thank you and good job” is a big morale booster for agencies. Whenever there is an opportunity to genuinely commend and praise your partner, do so. It shows that you appreciate the hard work of the agency and it makes them excited to follow through and finish the job. Never be “madamot” with compliments, especially when the agency deserves it.

PS: Agency people love food. If you want to say thank you in a loud way, send food and alcohol on a Friday.

4. Let them go home and stop calling at 9PM


If it can wait until tomorrow, wait. There’s no need to pick up the phone and call your agency at 9PM for revisions, builds, and complaints. They have lives to live, families to be with, and spouses to care for. Compassion can go a long way in keeping your agency inspired, motivated, and happy.

5. Give Feedback Often and Regularly

A relationship with an agency changes and hopefully improves over time. Give them that chance to evolve into the partner that you need. This only happens though IF you regularly give them feedback on how they can improve on creatives, servicing, or strategy. Have quarterly or twice a year sit downs with your agency team and their heads so you can keep on strengthening your working relationship.

Always remember that there’s no one agency that’s perfect and that all agencies eventually make mistakes (human factor). You need to have the patience and understanding that it gets better over time.

And there you have it! 5 unspoken ways to keep your agency happy and inspired. If you have more suggestions on how to do this hit us up in the comments section below!

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