Focus on Your Strengths to Unlock Unique Value for Your Business

When I was still in agency-side I would always harp on our strengths to position ourselves as a unique offering amidst all the agencies in the market. On the flip side, my favorite question to agencies presenting credentials has always been “what makes you different from all other agencies?”. 80% of the time it’s a generic answer that doesn’t clearly distinguish them from the rest of the market.

If you’re working for an agency now, try it out. Ask yourself that question. What can you guys do that other agencies can’t?

There is a lot of value in knowing what are the natural and unique strengths of your agency or company so that you can capture it all in a brief and concise statement. This brings me to the main point of this article. I just want to congratulate a good friend, mentor, and my former boss when I was still working in agency for launching MamaLab, a full-service specialist creative network agency focused on mothers! They launched it today and they already have teams in Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and of course, the Philippines.

You can read more about Mamalab here.

Congratulations Merlee and Diday!

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