How to Drive Business with the Free Wi-Fi of Your Cafe or Restaurant

A lot of restaurants and retail outlets invest heavily on Free WiFi for their customers but they don’t maximize it’s full business potential. The good news is that there are a lot of discovery tools being rolled out aggressively by massively popular platforms such as Facebook and Google which means that your Wi-Fi service has a lot of potential in driving more customers to your cafe or restaurant.

Here are 4 ways on how you can leverage your W-Fi service for your business.

Sign Up for Discovery on Facebook

Facebook recently came out with a new feature called “Find Wi-fi” which allows their users to discover free wifi restaurants and cafes nearby. The service started global roll-out a few days ago so expect it to hit a lot of users within the next few weeks.

To sign up you’ll need a compatible router (list here) and then you’ll need to connect your Business Page to Facebook Wi-fi (instructions here). After connecting your Page will show up when users are nearby and they’re looking for free WiFi spots.

Promote it especially if it’s FAST

I was recently looking for a cafe to have breakfast in and I went for a Deli that had a sign at their door saying “Free High Speed Wifi for Customers”. The sign made all the difference for me as I was initally going for the another coffee shop nearby. That said, make sure you promote your service with visible signages at the front of your store. You can also mention if it’s high speed Internet (especially if you’re using business Fibr connection).

Prevent Abuse

To maximize your investment in your Wi-fi service you need to put some controls in place. A good business-class router will allow you to configure the settings so that you can block specific bandwidth hogging and unsafe websites (torrent, porn, etc).

Disclosure, I’m part of the PLDT Group and we have a similar service offered. You can read more about it here if you guys are interested.

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Monetize It

Lastly you should definitely monetize it to see an ROI. The two most popular ways you can do this are:

Minimum purchase and then you give them the password and they can surf all day.
Sign up for Business Wifi services via Telcos or other ICT providers that allow you to sell cards for access after a certain free period.

There will be more services that will come out which will allow people to discover Wi-fi services offered by cafes and restaurants. It’s important that you don’t miss out on this trend and that if you do jump on board you have a plan to efficiently control and monetize.

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