How to Get a Professional Stylist to Style You for Free at Home

My wife had a team of stylists at our condo yesterday and I was blown away with what I witnessed. The stylists brought an entire rack of clothes based on the brief of my wife, gave her refreshments, and gave her clothing recommendations. What was even more amazing was that they didn’t charge any service fee, the clothes were sold at exactly mall prices, and they even offered free alteration and shipment. Huwaaaat. Personal shoppers and stylists at no extra charge. There’s literally no catch. I saw it all myself. Talk about a disruptive business model!

The company is called Stylist in Pocket and they’re a purely online business built on Facebook. How do they work?

  • You reach out to them on their Facebook Page via message.
  • You give a brief of why you need a new look, your style preferences, sizes, and schedule a visit
  • They go to your home with a rack of pre-selected clothes based on your brief
  • You try them out at home or wherever you are and you pay for the items you like via cash, debit, or credit card (yes they have a mobile credit card machine with them)
  • The brands that they carry are a mix of local and foreign brands such as Topman, Topshop, Arrow,
  • Espada, G2000, Freeway, Ensemble, and Dorothy Perkins.
  • They get their customers mostly through word-of-mouth and Facebook Ads

Apart from the home visits you can do style consultations online. The online stylists will do a lookbook based on your brief and send it to you via Facebook Messenger. Lastly, they style men, women, teens, kids, toddlers, babies, grandparents, and even whole families.

Stylist in Pocket Facebook Page

It’s a very pro-consumer and service oriented business. As a customer my wife was pretty ecstatic and she swears that she’ll just use this service instead of going to the mall to shop for clothes on her own. The Facebook Page is also flooded with positive reviews so it’s safe to assume that it’s a successful service.

The wifey on the right with her stylists Jessica and Krissy(naks)

As to how they make money, they probably have a margin agreement with their clothing partners. It’s really amazing how they’re able to do all of this with no service charge or additional fees.

Some Suggestions to Improve Service and Marketing

On the operations side, they can increase efficiency by investing in a social CRM platform so they can track the relationships they have with their customers. It’s critical that they know who the high value ones are and their preferences so they can constantly build on those relationships by being proactive stylists.

For marketing, they’re on track by leveraging their happy celebrity customers. My wife has been seeing their ads for a while now but she only converted when she saw that they service Cherie Gil (hehe).

If you’re interested just check out their Facebook Page here.

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