How to Maximize Low-Mid Traffic Bloggers for Your Digital PR Campaign

By June 12, 2017Digital PR

Sometimes clients measure the effectivity of PR Firms by the sheer amount of bloggers, influencers, and other media that attend their events (I don’t really agree with this but it’s 80% the case these days). There are also situations where the “top tier” or high-traffic bloggers and most followed influencers don’t attend your event but you still have a respectable crowd. The question that you need to ask yourself if you’re in this situation is this: how do I maximize the turnout that I have?

Here are 3 tips on how to do just that.

1. Promote your Website URL in your materials so they can link to it in their posts

Every backlink, especially from mid-high authority website, helps in driving organic traffic to your brand website. I’ve noticed that not a lot of brands do this anymore when they work with bloggers and publishers (as in they literally don’t include their URLs in their press kits). Not only will this help with your optimization but it will also drive referral traffic to your site.

Don’t blatantly buy the links though as that’s against Google’s Linking principles for SEO. What’s best is that they see the URL you’re promoting and they link it naturally and organically when they write.

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2. Focus on the Real Time Social Coverage

Not all bloggers write well but sometimes they take exceptional real time photos and videos. With this in mind, encourage the bloggers/influencers to participate and cover in real time using their social media assets. You can help them do this by making the venue or activation more creative and “Instagram-friendly”.

How do you make a venue Instagram friendly?

Carefully thought out event space designs. This one has mini booths that are IG-friendly for pictures

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The top two ways that come to mind:

  • Make the event experiential. Create booths and encourage them to go around. Offer activities, prizes, and whatnot to give a festival feel versus a straightforward press con.
  • Celebrities always work. Having them there to pose for photos almost instantly gives you a lot of real time selfies. Maybe add to their contract that they need to do selfies with select media/bloggers?

Pia Wurtzbach at the PLDT Roku Event Launch

By the way, here’s one key power tip. When deciding on a venue, having free WiFi to attendees can drastically improve your real-time coverage. We’ve seen this again and again when I was in agency and even now that I’m in PLDT (usually 3x-10x the amount of real-time social coverage). When I was also still an active tech blogger I would go out of my way to do social coverage (and even live video) if there was fast and reliable WiFi.

If there’s no free WiFi, here’s one tactic that I saw in an event I attended in Barcelona. They PR staff put up and scattered several Pocket WiFi devices that the media could latch on to. It wasn’t the perfect solution and not everyone could connect but at least there was an attempt to provide connectivity.

3. If they write something exceptionally well, support it with media to drive reach.

If a blogger with low-mid traffic does a fantastic video or a great article that helps the brand and can potentially drive sales/conversions, you can make the most of this opportunity by investing media money to dramatically increase the reach of the content that the blogger or influencer made. This is mutually beneficial because the blogger or influencer will also grow their audience thanks to your media monies.

You can do this by either posting the link on your Facebook Page and boosting from there OR if you can be given advertising access by the blogger/influencer you can natively boost it from their platform (works really well for Instagram).

Constantly challenge yourself to maximize every opportunity that you have. Sometimes looking at the situation in that lens (instead of complaining and being negative) will reveal that you actually have a lot to work with.

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