Millennials Hit their Prime Earlier Compared to Other Generations?

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A recent study on multi-generational attitudes on investing, work, life, and family came out from US Trust and part of it showed what age people believe they hit their prime, when youth ends, and when they consider themselves old. The results show how different the “millennial generation” is compared to their elders.

Over 800 respondents of High Net Worth

As you can see in the chart, Millennials believe they reach “old age” faster, they hit their prime the earliest, and that their youth ends late at 40 years old. This is probably the reason behind the popular “YOLO” (you only live once) philosophy that started with their generation. It’s as if time is ticking and they need to get most out of life as soon as possible.

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Some Thoughts

I worked with lot of exceptional young men and women, especially during my time in advertising. Yes, they like to travel and party but that was never my business. What they did outside of work was their thing. It’s their life to live.

After mentoring and coaching by patient leaders and managers, I’ve seen “millennials” transform into passionate, determined, creative intelligent, and resourceful professionals. I’ve seen several that worked way harder than me when I was younger. I’ve had the pleasure of also working with quite a number who developed insane grit and resilience. Yes there are some bad apples, but seriously, which generation doesn’t have them?

The “Millennial code” has been cracked as a lot of articles have already shown that mentorship and coaching goes a long way with them (and I agree with this approach based from personal experience). It’s time to stop hating on this generation and just move on. Besides, Millennials are so 2016. If managers and leaders can’t handle the Millennial workforce, I shudder at the thought of how they will begin to manage and understand Generation Z.

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