Online to Offline Case Study: How to Sell TVs Worth 400k

I shared the stage with Samsung Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Chad Sotelo on a panel discussion about Facebook advertising effectiveness at the Facebook Mobile Moves Holidays event. During the discussion on Facebook Ads being able to generate sales, Chad recalled an example of how they were finally able to sell several units of their topline OLED TV which started at 400k (went up to 1M).

They had a mall activation where the goal was to finally sell several units (being on display in stores wasn’t doing so well). To drive the right people with the highest possible conversion rate they used Facebook advertising to target people living in the area (geography) who had an interest in television sets and brands a few days before the event with special promo.

They sold 4 TVs at roughly 400k each that day primarily because of the digital ads they ran prior. It might not seem a lot but that’s 1.6M in gross revenues just for the TVs for a total spend of less than 600k. That doesn’t even include the other Samsung products they were able to sell like their audio gear and smartphones. Also remember that we’re talking about premium TVs here that sell for almost half a million pesos. If they can sell that on digital, you can pretty much sell whatever product you have in mind.

Online to Offline: It Works

So yes, you don’t need an e-commerce shop to always track conversion for your digital ads. An online to offline strategt works if you’re able to do the right targeting coupled with a strong call-to-action anchored on a promo or coupon. The critical part is giving the customers a compelling reason to march over to your event and the best way to do that is by giving them a special offer.

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Try It Now While FB is Still Underpriced

On my part during the panel, I shared how digital is changing from the “viral video” mindset to performance-driven marketing. This is actually what’s unlocking digital ad budgets. I also emphasized, and allow me to do so again to end this piece, that Facebook advertising is grossly underpriced right now in the Philippines. The marketplace supply and demand model is in full favor of advertisers right now so invest now and learn while it’s still cheap.

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