Power Tip: Listen to Podcasts Instead of Your Usual Spotify Playlists

Want a quick win that will give you that much needed career and skill boost? Instead of listening to your usual Spotify playlist when you’re working out in the gym or stuck in Manila traffic, go with podcasts. If you’re not familiar with podcasts, think of them as short or long form radio programs across a wide range of topics. There are podcasts for politics, marketing, sales, business, relationships, love, sports, and others.

Road trip!! Taken at a stopover in a gas station along SLEX

Personally I usually listen to podcasts either when I’m in a long drive or when I’m in the gym working out. Just this weekend we had a road trip to Tagaytay for the wedding of one of my colleagues in Unbox. Usually it would take an hour and a half from Greenhills but the weekend traffic was crazy. Time passed by quite fast as we loaded up one of my favorite digital marketing and motivational speakers, Gary Vaynerchuk, and listened to his recent keynote talks around the world. Apart from passing time, we had a lot of laughs, learned a lot, and had good conversations during the drive about the keynote. Alternatively if we just listened to music, it would have been a much more passive ride apart from the occasional sing-alongs.

It also works well when I’m in the gym. Spending 30 or so minutes doing cardio on the eliptical, treadmill, or the rowing machine is boring. The podcasts make the time pass by faster because my brain is engaged absorbing as much as I can from the various speakers.

Another great thing about podcasts is you’ll never run out of good content to listen to. I use the Apple Podcast app to subscribe and listen to my favorite podcasts. By subscribing I get alerts on the newest uploads and just schedule them for listening for the next workout or long drive session.

To get you started, here are three of my favorite business/marketing podcasts that you might want to check out and start listening to:

  • The GaryVee Audio Experience: Gary Vaynerchuk is my personal idol in the field of marketing and business. I highly encourage you guys give his podcasts a listen. You can also check out his YouTube channel to see him in video.
  • TEDTalks Business: Great ideas on how to improve your career or business. The podcasts usually last for around 15-20 minutes each so you can listen to two or three during workouts or drives.
  • HBR IdeaCast: A better mix of business ideas. They’re also longer and usually done in interviews with specific individuals and guests.

And that’s it! If you are already an avid Podcast listener, hit us in the comments below with your favorite podcasts so we can check them out also.

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PS: We’re working on putting together a podcast as well for Unlocked. Hopefully we can launch it within the year (super excited for this one).

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