Top Traits Facebook Looks for When They’re Hiring

Lori Goler, Facebook’s Head of People, recently wrote an article on Fast Company about what they look for in hiring new employees. It’s a great 3-minute read and I recommend you guys check it out (linked it below). There’s a lot to be learned for employers and aspiring candidates alike. Here’s a quick summary and a reaction for your appreciation.

In the article Lori shared three key traits that they look for:

1. Your Strengths (Well Proven or Otherwise)
2. The Skills to Build it Yourself
3. Comfort with Learning the Hard Way

For employers: while it may look basic for any HR practitioner or business owner, the devil is in the details and in the execution of drawing out this information from the candidate and matching them with your needs and culture. Also I’d like to stress that Lori pointedly said that they look more at potential than past performance, something that a lot of current HR practitioners here in the Philippines don’t consider too much. It’s definitely interesting and fascinating to see this in action in a company like Facebook.

For aspiring candidates: this stresses the importance of self-awareness — of knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can confidently answer with examples when asked. The last thing you’d want to happen is for you to draw up blank when you’re asked what you’re good at. Also if you know your strengths, there’s no reason to be afraid to share what you’re not good at when asked.

The third point, comfort learning the hard way, is probably the one that resonated with me the most. This is a mix of both grit and willingness to learn new things. When it comes to grit, I’ve noticed that people with good amounts are hard to come by these days, regardless of age (millennials get a bad rep for this but it’s not just their age group to be honest). It’s also difficult to be able to determine based on a resume of if they have grit or not. To dig this up I usually ask more personal questions about how life was outside of work, especially when they were younger, to see if they lived a hard life or had it easy.

The top three traits that Lori raised are actually consistent with what Brian Hale, Growth Marketing Director of Facebook, shared when he revealed what he was looking for when recruiting Growth Marketers. Digital Marketing background (strengths), technical skills (skills to build it yourself), and creative problem solving (comfort with learning the hard way).

For more details please do check out the full article here: I’m Facebook’s Head of People — Here’s What We’re Hiring for Now (And Why)

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