What Filipinos Want in a Job (Recruiting in the Philippines LinkedIn Report)

By June 8, 2017Workplace

LinkedIn recently came out with a report detailing the need for employer branding and how to attract the right talent on their platform. Alongside their tips, they also released interesting data on what Filipinos want in jobs as well as the most hired professions on their site.

So what do Filipinos want in a job?

It’s not surprising to see that compensation and benefits tops the list (more than 80% picked it as the top reason to join a company). Apart from the obvious that money is important, the commoditization of BPOs and contact centers have probably driven this even higher than it should be.

What’s interesting to note is that “Good Work/Life Balance” is the second most desired for job satisfaction at more than 60%. With the workforce getting younger and the world getting smaller, it’s critical for employers to actively think of programs that deliver this at the workplace. Here are some ideas that I’ve personally seen in various companies that I’ve had as clients or in my own experience:

  • Work-from-anywhere Day (Mobile Fridays or something)
  • Extended grace period for coming in (great because of terrible morning traffic)
  • Forced Vacation Leaves
  • Forced Office Shutdown (usually for advertising agencies)
  • Earned Additional Vacation Leaves
  • Office Activities for the Family
  • Creative Office Spaces and Elements

You can offer these as perks or rewards for high performing employees if you’re not yet confident about implementing them company-wide.

Apart from the work-life balance thing, potential employees are also looking for job security and mentorship. This is especially true for the younger generation workforce. Not all managers are trained to be mentors so it’s important for HR to rollout programs enabling and empowering managers to know how to properly mentor employees. It doesn’t always come naturally.

The Need for Employer Branding

Obviously this leads to the main sell of LinkedIn — the need for employer branding to attract the right talent. Companies need to show potential candidates what they’re offering that delivers on the key points above: compensation, work-life balance, job security, and mentorship. LinkedIn wants companies to do it on their platform and that’s a safe bet (apart from showcasing it also on Facebook and other social channels) given that people on LinkedIn are usually actively looking for employment.

By the way, LinkedIn also release what are the most hired jobs on their platform.

If you need new hires that match the ones above then you might want to start thinking about how you can maximize LinkedIn as a recruitment and employer branding platform.

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